September 24, 2023


Hello everyone, djkaktus here.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to talk to you, and while I hate that it’s these grim circumstances that have brought us together again, I wanted to clear the air and make some information available to people who, very reasonably, have a lot of questions.

As many of you know, about a year ago the individual called “adminbright” was banned from the wiki due to a variety of sex-based aggressions against other members of the community, many of these offenses having taken place well over a decade ago. This left the community with an interesting situation – is it possible to separate the scumbag author of a work with the work itself? You’ll get as many different answers to that question as people you ask, but the crux of the issue remains: does the presence of the character bearing the name (and, in many older articles, much of the same behaviors) of the author create additional harm in the community?

Before I go any further, I want to admit two biases here. I have no love of bright the man. In my time as staff years ago and in the years since, I found him to be a whole intolerable piece of shit who had ridden the high from his own supply for far too long. Those if you in the know will remember how often I called for his removal from staff, both on Twitter and in various discords over the last few years. The reason my Paragon series exists at all is because of an attempt to spite him over a rewrite – his Jack of Hearts article, a story about a rape goblin with a giant cock, had reached the deletion threshold and was up for rewrite. My contribution to that effort was The Demon La Hire, which he turned down due to it not being a sufficiently quality and faithful adaptation of his original rape goblin article. I posted that article anyway, and the only Jack of Hearts that now holds any relevance on the wiki is mine, not his.

Secondly, I am the author of the highest upvoted articles featuring the character formerly known as Jack Bright outside of the original SCP-963 itself – those being Bush v Gore, The Plurality of (Jack Bright), and MEGALOMANIA. In the time since the character’s initial inclusion in my own SCP-4444, I’ve worked to try and redeem the character’s image, both for myself and for my audience. I enjoy the characterization of a goofy foundation doctor who is at the same time gripped with the existential despair of being shackled to a world he should have left long ago, tethered forever to a transient existence by way of an unfortunate piece of jewelry. I’ve written this character in many different pieces, and two more that I’m trying to finish in the next few months (those being “lolfoundation” and “The Life Everlasting”), and it has been my belief that the character could be sufficiently separated from his unfortunate name simply by making him a compelling character all his own. The feedback I received from his inclusion in those articles, specifically in Plurality and Bush v Gore, only served to reinforce my preconceptions about what I was trying to accomplish.

However, I believe I was misguided. The name “Bright” is a stain on the wiki. This is through no fault of anyone who has written for the character in a way that was unique from his original incarnation, and it certainly is not my fault. But it simply is not reasonable to presume that a name can be so thoroughly dismissed from the annals of our history if we continue to foster that name in new works. Regardless of how compelling a character he might be, and regardless of who takes up the torch of maintaining that character now that AdminBright has been relegated to the dustbin, the character Jack Bright will forever carry the taint of his own name.

Last night, at the suggestion of many of my friends both on and off staff, I edited every article I’ve written that contained the character of Jack Bright, removing his name entirely. In his place is the name character, with a new name – Dr. Elias Shaw. For all intents and purposes, as far as my own work is concerned, Jack Bright never registered. I have, and always have been, writing about the character Elias Shaw. Elias is not so different from the character called Jack Bright – they both wear SCP-963. They both grew up in the foundation. They’re both functionally immortal. But Elias is not named in that wretched list, nor does he share a name with a person who caused harm to this community for well over a decade.

In the next few hours, I will be releasing my own redux of SCP-963, creatively titled SCP-0963. I have no misconceptions about staff allowing a rewrite of an article currently rated at well over +1400, but it is my belief that Elias, similar though he may be to the character Jack Bright, deserves his own origin story – especially one that will hopefully age better than the dreadful 963 that exists today.

I recognize that I will not win over everyone by doing this. I’ve read comments in this reddit already by people who have grown fond of the character and just wish we could separate the character from the author and leave it alone. I can’t pretend to tell you how to feel on this issue – and it’s none of my business either way. But I no longer believe it is possible to differentiate the two in a way that would sufficiently reduce further harm caused by this man’s legacy existing in this space. I’m not naive – I know that the name Jack Bright will persist, likely into perpetuity without staff intervention, but if it does it will have done so without my cooperation. Some of you will no doubt believe this is just more virtue signaling from the wiki’s premiere virtue signaler. To that I say, suck my dick and fuck off.

If you have written about the character Jack Bright and similarly wish to see his name stricken from the record, I encourage you to give Elias a chance. We’ve already received a significant amount of positive feedback on the change, and many of my fellow authors are already adjusting their own works accordingly.

Regardless of what you decide to do, I hope you will do it with a mind of sensitivity towards those who have been hurt by this man over the history of his time on the wiki. Maybe we can’t kill Jack Bright, but I do believe with enough time we can all forget about him.

If you’ve made it this far, I appreciate your consideration. I hope you’re all doing well, and that the years have been kind to you and yours.

Thank you, and goodnight.


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