September 25, 2023


So my dad had a compactor related story here. Seems fitting that I would have my own to add.

My company takes safety very seriously. To the point we have safety briefings on the regular to keep us updated. Yesterday, we had a talk on compactor safety. One of our big rules is to Never EVER under any circumstances climb into a compactor unless it’s unhooked from any power sources. Sounds like common sense right? Well, dear reader, as you’re about to learn, apparently common sense isn’t that common.

After getting our briefing, we get our assignments and are sent on our merry way. I go to my area, clean it and pull trash. As I’m walking to the compactor, what do I see sticking out of it but two trousered legs. After the shock lasting a nanosecond wore off, I start yelling. “What are you doing, you idiot?! Don’t go crawling around in there!” I know I shouldn’t have yelled but I was so mad.

Well Mr. Idiot fell out and starts yelling at me. “Don’t you go yelling at me! Where is your manager!? Get them here right now!”

Malicious Compliance mode activated.

I put on my sweetest smile and say “Of course, I’m so sorry. Let’s get my manager here.”

Mr. Idiot smirks and is like “Good girl.”

So I call my manager over and ask her to come over. Meanwhile Mr. Idiot is smiling like the cat who got the cream. I’m fighting to keep from smiling. Because my manager, Miss Heroine, takes safety as seriously as I do. I’ve seen her reduce full grown men to tears over safety issues.

Miss Heroine shows up and Mr. Idiot says “You should train your workers to not yell.”

Miss Heroine turns to me. “And why were you yelling at him?”

“Because I caught him climbing into the compactor and I got scared he’d be crushed.”

In a nanosecond, Mr. Idiot goes from looking like contented cat to looking like a scolded dog.

After a sound verbal thrashing, Miss Heroine calls Mr. Idiot’s manager. Within 30 minutes, Mr. Idiot was clearing out his desk, still smelling of garbage.


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