May 28, 2023


Can the Therapist leak your secrets? What are the laws protecting against this potential leakage? And are these laws enforced properly or just on paper?

Should I reach out to potential therapists (to seek appointment) with my real email (that has my name) or my throwaway account email?

Please don’t take this the wrong way but these are very strong concerns I have.

I have committed no crime or done anything bad whatsoever. I am struggling a lot mentally with fulfilling my goals and stuff. The internal pain inside me is a lot.. It’s just that I am aware that there are ‘biases’ against ‘Muslim background’ people like me. While a white person van be viewed as Depressed/struggling with mental health, I might be viewed as Mentally unstable/threat (even though I wouldn’t hurt a fly tbh). These are just some of my concerns which prevent me for seeking therapist for my depression and anxiety.

Could someone please guide me regarding this matter?

P.S. Don’t downvote. I am already quite down and expressing a genuine concern of mine. If you don’t like it, just ignore the post..

P.S.2.: Thank you so much everyone for your advice and support. I have decided that I will try to seek a therapist. However, I must bring this to the attention of people. From what I understand, Therapy is meant to be a very safe space where you can speak your mind and be honest about your feelings and emotions, regardless of your background. I do have one ‘bad’ experience with my University counselor however I will try my best to leave that behind and seek a new Therapist. What doesn’t help is comments like these (she has probably deleted it now):


Not only is this entirely untrue but incredibly racist and sexist. These are the type of comments that stop people from seeking out help and make them doubt themselves even more. I needed to put this out there to tell people what I have learned now: You are worthy of help even if you are a Muslim! You are not a lesser being like people like her think..



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