December 10, 2023


I was born and grew up in a place where people can spend their entire lives without seeing snow ever. Life has brought me to a place thousand of miles away from family, friends and living absolutely alone without any emotional connection has devastated my mental health.

I knew my life was coming to a sad end when I decided to try once in my 32 years of existence what skiing feels like – due to the fact that I stay 2 hour drives away from some of the best ski places in the world.

And somehow for a person who has never played a single sport in life, never done outdoor activities, never hiked, never liked the mountains and the snow. Skiing has changed my life.

I guess it would be more fun if I can go with friends. But even when I am alone on the slopes, sitting on the chairlift, enjoying the ride, all I can think about is the wind in my face and the sound as I rush down the slopes.


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