December 11, 2023


I (Grade 12) need help on what to do in this situation. My teacher used GPTzero, which detected parts of my paper as “AI written”. I write very formally, whilst also using grammarly premium. I’ve always been a high achieving student and I’m not sure why my teacher would think I cheated. I’ve told my teacher everything and he still doesn’t believe me. What should I do in this situation?!!

EDIT: Holy. I did not expect my post to get so much interaction and discussion, I didn’t expect my situation to be such a hot discussion. I tried to reply to all the comments but there’s too many!! Thank you to everyone who’s been helpful. There are some things I want to address that I keep seeing in the comments.
1. When I mentioned that I used grammarly to my teacher, he didn’t mention anything about that being cheating. He still thinks I used ChatGPT. I’ve used grammarly in all of my social/english classes for the past two years and never had issues with any teachers.
2. Does my teacher have a vendetta or bias against me? Not on a personal level, but the teacher is known for being notoriously mean and unreasonable. I found him alright for most of the semester until this incident. He has had accusations against him about being racist, but I’m not sure if that’s the case here.
3. I’ve seen a few comments thinking I’m lying and actually cheated, just because I was aware of ChatGPT and this subreddit. People are assuming that I’m saying I never use ChatGPT. I have used the tool to help me with some chemistry and physics studying, but I have never used it for a paper. I have no reason to lie, I’m basically anonymous on reddit.

As for my next course of action, I will provide my teacher with all the evidence I can, to disprove the effectiveness of AI detectors. If that doesn’t work, I will bring it up to the higher-ups. I will make an update on Monday when I get the chance to talk about it with my teacher. Once again, thank you all for the support and help. It truly means a lot to me. 🙂


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