May 28, 2023


**We have all planned to start a life changing routine at 1 point in our lives. If youve dropped it before, this is for you.**


Lets say 1 day i wake up and i want to change my life. Go online, learn some things blah blah blah and BAM ive created a new workout routine.

• Mon: .. Chest day – Triceps
• Tues: .. Legs
• Wedn: .. Biceps – Shoulders
• Thur: .. Cardio (or whatever else you have planned)

If its your FIRST time ever attempting to workout feel free to go try it. Some people succeed and change their lives.. over 99% do not stick with it for years or long enough to have life changing effects.

If you are one of those who have stopped consistently doing your routine. This is for you.

Cut that routine in half (ex.) Pick half of the most important workouts in that routine.So i would go..

• Mon: – **Chest**
• Tues: – **Squats**
• Wedn: – **Biceps**

And see if you can go 3 months in a row without missing a workout. If you can. add now a 4th exercise and see if you can go the 3 months.. If you cant, revert to the 3 exercises, complete the 3 months again, then try again to add the 4th after those 3 months again. Until you can complete the 3 months of ANY exercise DONT add anything else to it.. A LOT of the times youre gonna be feeling high energy and say “*man this week i really want to try all 7 my original workouts*” **DONT .. ITS A SCAM.** Complete your 3 months then add 1 at a time no matter how good youre feeling that day.

Lets say you revert to half and STILL cant complete 3 months consistently.

Cut it again. Try doing any combo of a cut. Maybe you can just do 2 in 1 day, or 2 in 2 days.

So example:

• Mon: **Chest**
• Tues: **Squats**


• Mon: **Chest – Squats**

Giving you 6 free days a week.

And thats it. Prove to yourself you can do that for 3 months.

# Working out should be a mental reach for consistency and not doing the most badass feel good pumped up workout for that week. Try to reach that 3 month period. No matter what single workout youre doing youre going to SEE a difference and FEEL different.


If even 2 workouts is too much start with 1. Half of this comes from a video i saw on tiktok where a guy explained when starting to workout just do biceps curls for 30 days NOTHING ELSE he stressed, JUST bicep curls.. Youll see a noticeable difference and that confidence boost is huge when beginning to get into regular training.


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