October 4, 2023


I worked at a small hospital in a rural area… worked my way up from entry level to upper management over the past 26+ years. I read the posts here, but I thought my situation was different. I thought **I** was different. I was running multiple projects and supervised several clinical departments effectively (at least that’s what I thought).

We had a new CEO come in about a year ago and I was the only member of the admin team that he didn’t pick himself, yet I still thought my situation was different and I was safe. Today, in a mere 45 seconds, he told me I wasn’t working out and he was making a change to the leadership team. After 26 years, my career ended in 45 seconds.

So I sit here tonight admitting that I was stupid and naïve. I never thought it would happen to me, but it did. If you think it won’t happen to you, don’t be too sure.

Guy in mid-50’s looking for a job… It happened a couple hours ago and I feel completely numb. I have chills. Not sure what to do or where to turn. Sorry to be a downer but I’m alone and needed to vent to someone. Thanks for listening. I’m going to bed.


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