December 11, 2023


Pretty much what the title says. On Monday, I was playing by myself. On the back nine, I caught up to and was keeping pace with a foursome in front of me. The course is pretty much empty, so I can see they’re not waiting on anyone. Something to note, at my home course there really isn’t an option to skip over a hole and come back, because it’s really spread out.

Three straight holes, I’m one shot behind them and they’re pointedly not looking at me. There was even a time where they played a Par 3, and then I finished it before they had all teed off on the next hole. I’m in my cart 15 feet away (Par 3 Green and next hole’s tee box are right next to each other); I know they all see me waiting. And they all ignored me and went on to their drives.

Guys, it takes about 2 total minutes of your time to let a single play through. Meanwhile my round took about an extra 45 minutes because these guys just would NOT let me play through.

If you’re in a foursome, let the single play through. It costs you nothing.

Edit: The title is a joke, guys. Recreational golf is not that serious. Just, don’t be that foursome for the next single behind you!


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