December 9, 2023


First off, where I’m from, weed is illegal. I’m very conscious about the smell, and I understand that for non-smokers the smell of weed is horrendous. I completely understand why and I always do my best to avoid any discomfort to anyone. That’s why I usually smoke late at night, when I know that everyone should be asleep, including my downstairs neighbors. (We live in an old apartment building)

The thing with this guy is that he’s a heavy tobacco smoker, and I can always hear him coming in and out of the terrace, mostly because he shuts that door so damn hard that all the walls shake. From the pattern of slamming doors, I can tell that he smokes his last cig at around 2:30 am, therefore I decided to go for my nightly puff at 3am. I opened the windows, turned on the oil diffuser that is also anti tobacco, and lit up my joint. 15 minutes later, cops knock on my door, alongside them is my neighbor, and I get taken to the pd for statements. I end up with a warning for possession, a fine for disturbing the peace at night and a sleepless night.

Before this point, he wasn’t exactly a friendly neighbor either, but his wife was sweet, from the few interactions I had with her. The first few days after I moved in he always gave me the death stare, but I assumed he was just grumpy

Fast forward a few days, I’m scrolling through grindr when a new profile pops up at the very top of the list. All my neighbors all mostly elderly people, so I was quite confused as to who this is. I clicked on his profile, and it was him. I started a conversation with him, sent him a pic of a friend (with consent) to pretend I was him, and a couple of hours later we were sexting and he sent me a couple of nudes.

The next morning, I caught his wife before going to work and showed her everything. When he came home from work, I could hear a lot of crying and he eventually got kicked out. It’s worth mentioning that they also have a 16yo kid.

I’m very satisfied with my revenge, but I also feel terribly sorry for both the wife and child, they didn’t deserve this.

What do you think?


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