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30 min Updates –COVID-19 Vaccine Shows ‘High Probability of Protection,’ Drug Developer Says

COVID-19 Vaccine Shows ‘High Probability of Protection,’ Drug Developer Says

The world may be one step closer to having a vaccine against the coronavirus.

The American pharmaceutical company Moderna announced on Monday the results of their phase one trials on humans.

Moderna Chief Executive Stephane Bancel said the vaccine “has a high probability to provide protection from COVID-19 disease in humans.”

Eight healthy patients were injected with the vaccine in March and the vaccine proved to be safe and effective at preventing the coronavirus.

The vaccine is now in phase two, which means it will be tested on 600 people. If that goes well, it will enter phase three, at which time it will be injected into thousands of people.

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In a press release, Moderna stated the vaccine is “generally safe and well-tolerated” by all the participants, who were between the age of 18-55.

The US National Institutes of Health will lead the next phase of the study, where researchers will attempt to discover which dose will work best for an additional experiment that is slated for July.

And US government officials have initiated a plan called “Operation Warp Speed” to make a vaccine with the expectation of having 300 million doses by January.

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