Challenging The Conventional: Major D.P Singh, 'India's First Blade Runner' at TEDxSIBMBangalore

Challenging The Conventional: Major D.P Singh, 'India's First Blade Runner' at TEDxSIBMBangalore

Theme – Challenging The Conventional

Major D P Singh was “declared dead” in an army hospital in July 1999 after a Pakistani mortar exploded just a meter away from him during the Kargil War. He was revived by a specialist, only to be told three days later that his right leg would be amputated below his knee because gangrene had set in.

Two months later, he was still at the hospital, weighing a mere 28kg, his stomach operated upon twice, a major part of his intestine cut, suffering partial deafness, and doctors giving up on trying to extract the 40 splinters still embedded in his body!

“When the doctors told me about the amputation, the first thing I told myself was now I will show the world how disabled people live. I was sure I will never compromise the way I lived. It was difficult for me to even walk initially. But over years, my mind and body found alternatives to work around the restrictions I was put through. Today, I can walk normally; my gait is as good as any normal person’s. Yes, it took me 14 years to be able to start running,” says Major.

since 2009, Major has completed four consecutive half marthons at Delhi and Mumbai both, improving his time in every run and the count is still on.

He has also started an NGO – The Challenging Ones.

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