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Live Update-Homeless man saves police officer stabbed in the head

Homeless man saves police officer stabbed in the head

DC Department of Human Services /
DC Department of Human Services /

A homeless man who intervened when a Washington DC police officer was stabbed has said he feels like a “little hero”.

The Metropolitan Police Department on Thursday thanked John Burrows, who was said to have saved the police officer’s life after another homeless man attacked his head and back with scissors.

The officer was transported to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries to receive treatment, reported NBC News4.

Metropolitan police head Peter Newsham said on Thursday that Mr Burrows was “very, very kind — very heroic” and had “prevented the officer from sustaining additional injuries”.

Mr Newsham added that investigators have not been able to determine the motive behind the attack, which took place amid continuous protests against racism and police violence in downtown Washington DC.

A 61-year-old homeless man has been arrested and charged with assault with intent to kill an officer.

Mr Burrows told NBC’s News4 that he believed he was doing the right thing when he intervened.

“I grabbed the guy’s arm and me and the cop together got him under control so he couldn’t stab him no more. He got arrested, the cop went to the hospital and I guess I’m like a little hero,” he said.

“I was really mad at the guy, for just stabbing him for no reason. That made me mad,” he added.

“They’re my cops. This is my city and I don’t want you stabbing them.”

The city’s human services department set-up a donation page for Mr Burrows which has raised more than $10,000 (£8,000).

NBC News 4 reported that Mr Burrows had been among 26 people displaced from a city square to allow construction of a new park.

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