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:-) Official–Babylon Bee CEO Offers $100K in Relief to Those Impacted by COVID-19

Babylon Bee CEO Offers $100K in Relief to Those Impacted by COVID-19

UPDATE: You can now contribute to the Babylon Bee’s COVID-19 Relief Fund by clicking HERE.

On a regular day, The Babylon Bee provides all the laughs. Now they’re offering some financial help to those in need, too.

In an interview with Faithwire on Friday, the CEO of the faith-based satire website, Seth Dillon, joked he asks his readers for support “with annoying regularity” and figured the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has presented the perfect opportunity to give back.

“These unemployment numbers are absolutely insane,” he said. “So what we wanted to do was reach out and say, ‘Hey, look, we’ve asked for your support many times in the past. Now we wanna be here for you.’”

While the fund is currently capped at $100,000, Dillon said he wants to help those who are struggling from “debilitating financial setbacks” and is exploring ways to expand the fund with donations from those outside The Bee.

It’s important in the middle of this crisis, he explained, to help “carry each other’s burdens.” Dillon later said this health crisis could help people find commonality with one another, noting those who had never before experienced financial insecurity might now be able to better relate to those who have dealt with it as a way of life.

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“I hope that, coming out of this, people wash their hands more … and that we see more compassion and generosity,” Dillon said. “That would be really cool.”

For those interested in learning more about the fund as it develops, you can check out Dillon’s Twitter feed.


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