73 foreign jamaatis to be sent to temporary jails post quarantine period - lucknow

MEERUT Seventy-three foreign Tablighi Jamaat attendees who have completed their quarantine period and have tested negative would be shifted in temporary jails under the judicial custody, authorities said on Tuesday.

District administrations in Saharanpur and Meerut have identified juvenile centre and a few other buildings to be converted into temporary jails, in both the districts, to keep the foreign jamaatis.

Sanjay Kumar, divisional commissioner of Saharanpur said that these foreign jamaatis attended the event at Nizamuddin, Delhi and thereafter visited different districts. They were traced and many of them were found infected with the coronavirus. While many of them were placed under quarantine, others were sent for the treatment.

Cases of foreign act and violation of visa rules were registered against them. “54 jamaatis who have completed their quarantine and tested negative would be kept in temporary jail. Courts will hear their cases,” said Kumar.

Similarly, 19 foreign attendees will also be shifted to temporary jail in Meerut. SP (city) AN Singh said, “We have identified at least two buildings where the foreign jamaat attendees will be kept during their trials in the court”.

He further said, “The 19 jamaatis will complete their quarantine period in a couple of days”.

The arrested jamaatis are from Bangladesh, Sudan, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and many other countries. These attendees arrived here as tourists and have been charged with travelling across the country violating visa rules and performing religious activities.

2020-04-21 05:40:28
April 21, 2020