Dozens of MS Prayer Warriors 'Release the Lord's Word' Over Hospital Staff and Patients

Dozens of prayer warriors gathered in their cars and trucks at a Mississippi hospital to pray for the patients and healthcare workers who continue to battle COVID-19.

Members from the prayer group, Unified Coast Prayer Movement parked their vehicles all around Memorial Hospital in Gulfport recently while staff members were on their lunch break, WLOX News reports.

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Southern Gate Church co-pastor and nurse Jill Jones said the event aimed to encourage and bless the brave warriors inside the hospital. 

"We reached out to the staff at Memorial to pray for them, to release the word of the Lord over the airways there and declare healing... to just be a blessing the them," she said. "It was a bit overwhelming as I looked up and they were on top of the roof and they were in the parking garage."

She added, "I'm standing under the American flag, the Mississippi flag, and the Memorial flag - all things that I love, and all my sisters in the Lord were around me, just honoring God, but mostly honoring the healthcare workers there, they're heroes on the frontlines."

Jones prayed aloud for all those who attended the gathering, then played the popular Christian song "Raise a Hallelujah" over the loudspeakers.

She said it is crucial that we pray for the men and women who work tirelessly to serve the sick. 

"I believe everybody that works at that hospital is so completely dedicated. It's important to know that they give it all and for them to know that it's noticed... but they don't do it to be noticed. It's really a call and a commitment."

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April 20, 2020