High-Risk COVID-19 Patients Show 100% Chance of Survival After New Israeli Medical Treatment

Seven high-risk patients in Israel suffering from COVID-19 are recovering after receiving treatment from a plant-based therapy product.

The Jerusalem Post reports that Pluristem Therapeutics Inc., an Israeli medicine company that specialized in cell therapy products, treated patients at three different Israeli medical centers for one week.

Those patients treated with its allogeneic placental expanded (PLX) cells saw improvement with severe symptoms, like respiratory distress. The company's preliminary data showed a 100 percent survival rate for all seven patients.

Pluristem CEO and president Yaky Yanay said, "We are pleased with this initial outcome of the compassionate use program and committed to harnessing PLX cells for the benefit of patients and healthcare systems."

"Pluristem is dedicated to using its competitive advantages in large-scale manufacturing to potentially deliver PLX cells to a large number of patients in significant need," he added.

And the company is reviewing its options for an international clinical trial for treating patients with symptoms related to the coronavirus. 

Pluristem is working with authorities in the US and Europe to "define our clinical strategy for COVID-19," Yanay said.

"We have a lot of evidence that a good portion of the mechanism of action is the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory capability of the cells. It seems to be like a perfect fit. We are very confident in the safety profile of the product," he added.


April 16, 2020