PUBG Mobile braces for bone-chilling storms at Vikendi: How to survive the Arctic Mode - tech

Starting tomorrow, chicken dinners are not just for winners. It’s what is going to help you stay alive, literally, in the new Arctic Mode on PUBG Mobile. The new Arctic Mode on PUBG Mobile arrives as a part of the EvoGround game mode selection and can be updated via the Play Store and the App Store.

Set in Vikendi’s cold and desolate frozen landscape, the new Arctic Mode challenges players to maintain their avatars’ body temperatures in various ways to survive periodic arctic storms. Players must work together to keep their body temperatures high, as their individual meters will gradually drop and they will incur damage.

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In addition to battling the storms, players will need to fend off enemies, use their tactics to survive from the battleground. And obviously to do that, you need to stay warm enough to be able to fight.


Here’s how players can maintain their body temperatures:

- Use a lighter to create an indoor fire, then forage for branches to keep the fire alive

- Hunt wild chickens, collect the meat to cook and eat to restore body temperature

- Use resources such as the heaters and health packs

In addition to the new gameplay mode, snowboards from PUBG Mobile’s Winter Festival will (re)appear for players to ride in the snow. Similarly, remote-controlled drones have been added for players to navigate and scout surrounding areas for tactical advantages.

April 19, 2020