Rachel Brosnahan's Golden Arm Tops This Week's Internet News Roundup

The one-two-three punch was an impressive rollout of support, for sure, and presented something voters haven’t seen in a while: the idea of a united Democratic Party.

It’s something that could make trouble for Trump—but does that mean it’ll be enough to win the election? No one will know the answer to that until November.

The Takeaway: Now, in other potential endorsement news ...

The West Coast Avengers

What Happened: For those wondering when they can finally go out and see a movie/shop for stuff/hang out with friends again, there’s a super state solution being worked on out on the West Coast.

What Really Happened: Never mind working for the weekend; at this point, everyone is working for the eventual end of staying inside and away from the rest of humanity for the good of everyone’s health. But just when is that going to happen? According to President Trump, it’ll be soon. But on the West Coast, there's another plan in play.

Yes, California Governor Gavin Newsom announced last week that California has partnered with Oregon and Washington to reopen the left side of the country. It’s the West Coast Avengers! But Twitter already had a name picked out, as it happened.

If you’re wondering where this “Cascadia” thing was coming from, turns out it’s a name that’s been waiting for use for some time.

On Tuesday, Newsom unveiled the guidelines for relaxing shelter in place rules.

Part of the plan includes a fund to help undocumented immigrants, which has earned him new demonization from the right. As he announced the plan, Newsom distanced himself from Trump's take on the idea of reopening the country.

Meanwhile, Oregon Governor Kate Brown was also unveiling the plan, as if to emphasize the fact that this was, indeed, a shared effort across the West Coast.

A day later, Washington Governor Jay Inslee followed suit, as well. It’s wonderful to see what can be achieved when states unite across America. Perhaps there’s a way to harness this energy across the entire country, maybe call it the United Sta — nah, it would never catch on. But Cascadia will grow, friends. It will grow.

The Takeaway: As states on the East Coast start to band together themselves, longterm Judge Dredd fans knew exactly what they were witnessing.

19 Installments? What Is This, the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

What Happened: You’d think that presidential advisors would be well-versed in what they went on television to talk about. Then you’d watch Kellyanne Conway in action, talking about Covid-19.

April 19, 2020