Taking a cue from China? Zomato starts showing delivery person’s body temperature on the app - tech

Just a few days ago we had reported that China has been showing the body temperatures of the delivery persons on its apps. The information came from a tweet made by someone with the handle @DerekjAndersen. Derek Andersen had tweeted a screenshot of an app from China:

Someone from China then replied Andersen’s tweet to say that this had been the practice in China for the last couple of months.

That got us wondering if a practice like that is what India needs. And today we spotted that Zomato is showing its delivery person’s body temperature on the app.

While both Swiggy and Zomato have started mentioning health and hygiene practices each food-delivery joint and restaurant is maintaining - like driver hand wash, daily temperature checks etc on the app, the addition of a delivery person’s body temperature is one more step towards gaining customer confidence.

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Albeit, most people nowadays have started opting for contactless delivery, it is still reassuring to know that the person delivering your food is also healthy and virus free.

You can only see the temperature reading once the rider has picked up your food and is on the way to deliver it to you.

We expect Swiggy to follow suit and put in this feature in place soon. We, however, do not know if it already is. Swiggy cancelled our order tonight so there was no way to find out.

Sooner or later, all delivery apps of all sorts might also consider putting the body temperature feature in place. While they might well show the standard body temperature - 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit - in most cases, but at least it is something.

April 19, 2020