COVID-19 'Prayerdemic' Webcast to Air Friday: 'Gather All of Your Ministry Friends'

In an unprecedented prayer event, Christians in the nations of Ghana, Nigeria, Canada, the United Kingdom, Bahamas, Honduras, Kenya, USA, Brazil, and the Dominican Republic, are participating in a unique event sponsored by Francina Norman Ministries.

"Helping Hands Around the World: A COVID-19 Prayerdemic," will be live-streamed beginning at 12:00 pm Eastern Friday on Norman's YouTube Channel and Francina's Prophetic Word Facebook page.

Special guests for the prayer event include:

  • Rachael Ruto, wife of the vice president of Kenya
  • Veda Brown
  • Prophet Verna DuPont, 
  • Apostle Joshua Fowler
  • Dr. Miriam Martin, M.D.
  • Rich Vera
  • Apostle Pam Vinette
  • Dr. Maggie Nottage
  • Michael and Stacye McIntyre
  • Anthony Bernard and Vickie Smith Jackson
  • Joshua Giles
  • Misty Holmes Dorsey
  • Apostle Edward and Lady Yvette Brinbson
  • Pastor Funke Adejumo
  • Archbishop Duncan Williams

In addition, CBN News has learned Randall Cunningham, a former NFL star is also participating in the webcast. After becoming an All-American football player at UNLV, Cunningham played 16 seasons in the NFL, starting with the Philadelphia Eagles. He would later play for the Minnesota Vikings, the Baltimore Ravens, and the Dallas Cowboys. He's the senior pastor of Remnant Ministries in Las Vegas, NV, and will be talking about the food shortage during the pandemic. 

In an email to CBN News on Thursday, Francina Norman revealed her ministry receives emails daily from people around the world who are in desperate need of help to the degree that it became overwhelming for just one ministry. 

"As the individuals would request funds to help, we would have to spend additional time verifying the legitimacy of each request," she wrote. 

"So as I was in prayer crying out to God for the many needs all over the world. That's when God spoke to me and said, 'Gather all your ministry friends together from the various nations around the world' and discuss the needs that exist in their particular country as I'm sure they are acutely aware of them," Norman said. 

"So, I reached out to the Vice President's wife of Kenya  Rachel Ruto, and she told me in her concerned voice as she fought back tears, she confirmed that this concept was of God.  Of course, I had to contact my papa Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams of Ghana, Africa to lend his global voice to this international effort. To which he was was more than willing to help because of the great need that exists in his own country," she continued. 

"I also began to call other leaders and ministries in their particular nation, and they all, and they echoed the same concerns. I also contacted my friend Randall Cunningham ex-quarterback for Philadelphia Eagles who pastors a wonderful church in Las Vegas whose members suffered from the same needs." 

Norman's ministry also reached out to Dr. Miriam Dalton-Martin a medical doctor who's on the front line of this war against an unseen enemy.  

"We would like to help those organizations that provide treatment and/or therapy for parents of children with Autism," Norman said. "At the end of the day we want to do as much as we can for as many as we can that is why this is God-inspired."

April 23, 2020