VA Gov. Northam Signs Far-Left Measures into Law, and President Trump Reacts

President Trump sent a message to several states where he believes governors have imposed too much control during the COVID-19 crisis. And he had a special warning for the people of Virginia. 

Trump singled out Virginia Democrats, particularly Gov. Ralph Northam, over new gun control laws tweeting on Friday: "Liberate Virginia and save your great Second Amendment. It's under siege!"

When asked about Trump's tweet during a news conference on April 17, Northam replied, "As the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia and this staff who are fighting a biological war, I do not have time to involve myself in Twitter wars. I will continue to make sure to do everything I can to keep Virginians safe and to save lives."

This month, Northam reinstated a limit of purchasing one handgun per month. That's just one of many laws the Democratic governor signed recently.

The new measures were a part of a legislative package passed by the Virginia Legislature after Democrats took over control of both houses in late 2019.

Northam also signed a law that prohibits discrimination based on gender identity, regardless of the person's sex at birth. The law would force high school girls to compete against biological males in sports.

It allows no exemption for religious groups or people of faith, meaning a Christian baker could be sued for refusing to make a cake celebrating a gender transition.

The governor also signed a law removing several restrictions on abortion, including the elimination of three things: a 24-hour waiting period, mandatory ultrasounds, and pro-adoption counseling for women seeking an abortion.

"It's a gigantic change," Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia's Center for Politics, told the New York Times. "There really is no precedent. There is no period like this. Virginia has never had a liberal period."

The new measures go into effect on July 1. 

April 20, 2020