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Recent Updates — Narendra Modi: Over 93% trust Modi govt will handle Covid-19 crisis well: Survey | India News

Narendra Modi: Over 93% trust Modi govt will handle Covid-19 crisis well: Survey | India News

NEW DELHI: An astounding 93.5 per cent people in the country believe that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led government is handling the coronavirus outbreak effectively, a survey revealed on Thursday.

The central government had imposed a 21-day nation-wide lockdown on March 25, which was later extended till May 3.

According to the IANS-C-voter Covid-19 tracker, the number of people who laid trust on the Modi government on the first day of the lockdown was 76.8 but that has now increased to 93.5 per cent as of April 21.

‘Commend your leadership’: Bill Gates lauds Modi govt’s efforts to flatten Covid curve

Philanthropist Bill Gates has commended PM Modi’s leadership and his government’s “proactive measures” such as lockdown and expansion of focused testing in combating the COVID-19 pandemic in India. In a letter to Modi, Gates said he was glad that the Indian government is fully utilizing its exceptional digital capabilities in its COVID-19 response.

In the survey, the statement — “I think the Indian government is handling the coronavirus (outbreak) well” — was put forth before people between March 16 to April 21 and their answers were sought.

On April 16, 75.8 percent people said that they have faith in the government, but the percentage increased after the stringent curbs were imposed in the country.

Home is new office, internet new meeting room: PM Modi on life in era of coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has significantly changed the contours of professional life and these days home is the new office and internet is the new meeting room, PM Modi said on Sunday. Today, the world is in pursuit of new business models, he said adding that India, a youthful nation known for its innovative zeal, can take the lead in providing a new work culture.

Interestingly, an overall confidence in the incumbent government saw a sharp rise on April 1. A 89.9 percent people believed that the government is working well in comparison to March 31, when the percentage was 79.4.

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